Box Office: 585-232-4382.

Tue-Sat: 12-6pm. Sun & Mon: CLOSED

Who We Are

Elizabeth Williamson 768x768 1

Elizabeth Williamson

Artistic Director (she/her)

James Haskins E1704300278136

James Haskins

Executive Director (he/him)

Senior Staff

Rachel DeGuzman

Rachel Y. DeGuzman

Associate Artistic Director/Director of Connectivity (she/her)

S Haley Scaled E1697557316109

Sarah Haley

Director of Marketing (she/her)

Patrick Heydenburg Square

Patrick Heydenburg

Production Manager (he/him)

Harrison.david .rivers

Harrison David Rivers

Playwright in Residence (he/him)

Lara Rhyner Square

Lara Rhyner

Director of Education (she/her)

Alana Sansone Square 2

Alana Sansone

Director of Finance (she/her)

Thalia Schramm Square 1

Thalia Schramm

General Manager (she/her)

Untitled Design 3

Baron Vaughn

Artist in Residence (he/him)


Anna Beck Scaled

Anna Beck

Finance Assistant (she/her)

Bregy Julia Scaled E1720015637371

Julia Bregy

Resident Stage Manager (she/her)

Sean Britton Milligan Scaled E1695399591419

Sean Britton-Milligan

Event Manager (he/they)

Sam Burkovich Scaled

Sam Burkovich

Crew Swing (they/them)

Samantha Burton Scaled E1708363901633

Samantha Burton

Costume Shop Assistant (she/her)

Rebekah Clow Square

Rebekah Clow

First Hand (she/her)

Deja Cotton Scaled E1692625741320

Deja Cotton

Box Office Associate (she/her)

Del Vecchio Frank Scaled E1698944885116

Frank Del Vecchio

Associate Director of Finance (he/him)

Untitled Design 4

Mark Di Nitto

House Manager/ Bartender

Dwyer Kevin Scaled E1720015798927

Kevin Dwyer

Resident Stage Manager (he/him)

Nanette Falchi Scaled E1692116559272

Nanette Falchi

Gift Shop Manager (she/her)

Untitled Design 4

Michael Fambro


Erinn Frantz Bush Scaled

Erinn Frantz-Busch

Sound Board Op (she/they)

Andy Germuga Scaled

Andy Germuga

Box Office Supervisor (he/him)

Untitled Design 4

Kamarah Gilbert

Box Office Associate

Theresa Granger Scaled E1692625823199

Theresa Granger

Properties Supervisor (she/her)

Carlea Grant Square

Carlea Grant

Assistant Guest Services Manager (they/them)

John Halmosky Scaled E1692116507569

John Hamolsky

Senior Manager of Guest Services (he/him)

Untitled Design 4

Erin Holt

Wardrobe Crew

Tim Intili Scaled

Timothy Intili

Director of Ticketing (he/him)

Butch Kane Square

Butch Kane

Props Artisan  (he/him)

Sam Kaplan Scaled E1692126849139

Sam Kaplan

Box Office Associate (they/them)

Elias Koch Square

Elias Koch

Carpenter (he/him)

Fiona Kyle Square 2

Fiona Kyle

Literary Manager & Artistic Associate                  (she/her)

Emmett Lewis McKinzie Scaled E1692126816311

Emmett Lewis-McKinzie

Carpenter (he/him)

Cliff Lampley Square

Cliff Lampley

Facilities Manager (he/him)

Michaela Lincon Scaled

Michaela Lincoln

Cutter/ Draper  (she/her)

Derek Madonia Scaled

Derek Madonia

Lighting Supervisor (he/him)

Laurie Masood Scaled

Laurie Masood

Finance Volunteer (she/her)

Sarah Mayfield Square

Sarah Mayfield

Development Coordinator (she/her)

Jared Morgan Square

Jared Lee Morgan

Stage Operations Supervisor                (he/him)

Chris Nimick Square

Chris Nimick

Electrician/Board Op (he/him)

Untitled Design 4

Chris Nothnagle

House Manager

Noel ODay Scaled

Noel O'Day

Costume Shop Supervisor (she/her)

Kyle Osenbach Scaled E1692126237330

Kyle Osenbach

Creative/ Marketing Assistant                  (he/they)

Untitled Design 4

Chet Parker


Untitled Design 4

Hazel Penrose

Carpenter (she/her)

Michael Rehor Square

Michael Rehor

Electrician/Board Op (he/him)

Untitled Design 4

Aubrey Reynolds


Untitled Design 4

J. Ian Reynolds


Untitled Design 4

Mary Reynolds


Amanda Riekstins Square

Amanda Riekstins

Graphic Designer  (she/her)

Ashley Robb Crockett Square

Ashley Robb-Crockett

Box Office Associate (she/her)

Untitled Design 4

Kody Roese

House Manager

Untitled Design 4

Briar Rose-Murphey


Jillian Sajda Square

Jillian Sajda

Associate Company Manager                (she/her) 

T. Sampson Scaled E1692107332276

T. Sampson

Technical Director (he/him)


Brennan Saur E1715004344755

Brennan Saur

Box Office Associate (he/him)


Spenard Olivia Scaled E1697572415229

Olivia Spenard

Education Assistant (she/her)

Nicole Stein Square

Nicole Stein

Executive Assistant (she/her)

Stoehr Alex Scaled E1700582043594

Alex Stoehr

Scenic Charge Artist (he/him)

Nicolette Ventimiglia Square

Nicolette Ventimiglia

Bar Manager/ Event Assistant (she/her)

Paige Waldron Scaled E1703091586920

Paige Waldron

Wardrobe Supervisor (she/her)

Grey Warrick Scaled

Grey Warrick

Interim Scenic Charge (they/them)

Untitled Design 4

Charles Weckworth V


Andrew Wilhelm Square

Andrew Mark Wilhelm

Sound Supervisor (he/him)

Untitled Design 4

Esther Wilkins

Followspot Operations

SMART Logo 03

Smart Marketing

Tele Services

Board of Trustees

All Trustees are volunteers who generously give their time, talent, and resources to support locally produced professional theatre and arts education programs.

*Indicates Former Board Chair.

Christina Gullo Square

Christina Gullo

Board Chair

William F. Weir Square

William Weir

Treasurer, Chair of Finance

Helen Zamboni Square

Helen Zamboni


Abhas Kumar Square

Abhas Kumar

Chair of Audit Committee

Jane Hasselkus Square

Jane Hasselkus

Chair of Advancement Committee

Mary Hilton Square

Mimi Tilton

Chair of Nominating & Governance Committee

Essie Calhoun McDavid Square

Essie Calhoun McDavid

Vice Chair, CO-Chair of IDEA Committee

Diane F. McCrue Square

Diane F. Mccue

CO-Chair of IDEA Committee

Phil Burke Square

Phil Burke


Shree Pandya Square

Shree Pandya



Jeanine Arden Ornt Square

Jeanine Arden-Ornt


Dennis Bassett Square

Dennis Bassett *


Katie Baynes Square

Katie Baynes


Margaret Busch Square

Margaret Busch


Lisa Martinez Devinney Square

Lisa Martinez Devinney


Hope Drummond Square

Hope Drummond


Bonnie Garner Square

Bonnie Garner


Richard Gray Square

Richard N. Gray, CPA


James Haskins E1704300278136

James Haskins

Ex Officio

Tomas C. Hernandez Square

Tomás C. Hernández


Deborah L. Hughes Square

Deborah L. Hughes


Barbara Laverdi Square

Barbara LaVerdi


Dr. Dawn Lipson Square

Dr. Dawn Lipson


Barbara De Leeu Square

Barbara de Leeuw


Metzger Steve Crop Scaled

Steve Metzger


Robert R. Neal Square

Robert Neale


Frank L. Novak Square

Frank Novak


Thomas J. Rogers Square

Thomas J. Rogers


Elaine Gallina Spaull Square

Elaine Gallina Spaull, PhD, JD


Jean Ryon Square

Jean Gordon Ryon


Sam Tilton Square

Samuel O. Tilton


Wynndy R. Turner Square

Wynndy R. Turner


John Williams Square

John C. Williams


Elizabeth Williamson 768x768 1

Elizabeth Williamson

Ex Officio

Honorary Trustees

Helen Berkeley*
William Buckingham
Stephanie Caffera
Sergio Esteban*
David Fiedler*
Ronald Fielding 
Betsey Friedman
Patrick Fulford*
Suzanne Gouvernet+
Joanna Grosodonia*
Thomas A. Hildebrandt 
Maureen Holtzman
Jack Kraushaar*
Carol Love*
Peter Messner*
Michael Millard*
Emily Neece*
Nannette Nocon
David Perlman
John Rasor*
Robert Saltzman
Paul Seidel
Paul Smith+
Maggie Symington*
Mary Kay Taber
John Tyler Jr+
Linda Cornell Weinstein* 
Deborah Wilson
* Indicates former board chair 
+ Indicates deceased