Tali Beckwith-Cohen

Tali Beckwith-Cohen is a senior Creative Writing Major at the School of the Arts and is so excited to be a part of this project. Tali is an writer and actor and has performed with many Rochester theatre companies, including […]

Autumn Flowers

Autumn Flowers is a singer and poet from Rochester, NY. Autumn is a student-athlete who is a senior this year and attends Greece Athena High School. She loves showing activism and spreading awareness through her writing. Autumn enjoys discussing issues […]

Amanda Gillen

Amanda Gillen is a current Take 5 scholar at the University of Rochester, studying the effects of society in the creation of theatre. She is a Linguistics and Spanish double major, with an intense passion for the performing arts, which […]

Ta’Neesha Murphy

Ta’Neesha Murphy is a Senior BFA Actor at SUNY Purchase from Washington D.C. She is honored to be a part of this project and urges other artists to continue to use their crafts for change. 罹楝碟菟 瑭輿敷憮 馬餌’棲棻!

Jyonnah Ware

Jyonnah Ware is an actress, singer, and songwriter who started off singing in church at the age of four. She is 14 years old and was born and raised in the Rochester, NY area. She is a woman of color […]