Subscriber Help Desk


Thank you for your continued patronage.  We hope to make this process as accessible as possible and have created this help desk in hopes of giving you all the information you need to complete your renewal. Please browse the above tabs to get information on frequently asked questions, benefits, and exchange policies. If, after reviewing the above information, you still find yourself with questions then feel free to give our box office a call at (585)232-4382 where a representative will be more than happy to look into your inquiries.
Their business hours are as follows:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday – 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Thursday – 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Friday – 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Saturday – 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Sunday – Closed
On days without an evening show, we close at 6.
On Sundays without a show, we are closed.






Frequently Asked Questions

Dates and Deadlines

  • What is Early Bird? Early Bird is a discount offered to subscribers who renew before the Early Bird deadline, March 8th. It’s a loyalty discount that rewards subscribers for renewing on faith prior to the announcement of next season’s shows.
  • When will we know what the shows for the new season will be? The lineup for the 19/20 season will be announced on March 11th.
  • What is the Renewal Deadline? The Renewal Deadline is May 8th. It is the day when subscribers must renew by in order to keep their original seats. If a subscriber does not renew by that date then their seats may be irreversibly assigned to other subscribers looking to move into them.
  • When will I receive my tickets? You should receive your tickets for the 19/20 season in mid-to-late July.


Change Requests

  • If I’m putting in a Change Request, when will I know what seats I ended up with? Since we must wait until after the renewal deadline to even begin the process of fulfilling change requests, we won’t have your seating assignment until after then. And seeing as we develop a rather large list of subscribers looking to change their seats, it takes us several weeks to get through them. That being said, the most surefire way to know what seats you have is to wait until you receive your package in mid-to-late July. If you would like to know sooner, you may give us a call in late June or early July to inquire if we have gotten to your spot in line.
  • Can you call me when you know what seats I have? Unfortunately, no. We receive a very large volume of people attempting to change their seats and we do not have the manpower to contact even a fraction of that list while also working to complete processing the requests in a timely manner.
  • I really want to change my seats. What’s the best way to ensure I do? We can’t ever make a guarantee that we’ll have the seats you want but there are a few tips we can suggest to improve your chances. Seeing how we attend to change requests in the order that we receive them, the earlier you submit your change request, the better. Also, while you can be as specific as you want when requesting a change, keeping your options open gives us more to work with and can also improve your chances of a change. Don’t forget that you can always mark a first preference, but it helps to broaden the seating options that you’ll accept, such as alternate days or a range of rows, on top of that. We won’t be able to call you with options, so the more information you provide us with the more likely we’ll be able to make a change.



  • What’s this $10 order fee? The $10 order fee is something that is applied to all of our subscription orders and has been for many years. It’s applied to an order as a whole, not for each individual subscription, and is not a ticketing software charge. In fact, that $10 order fee is the only money which goes to supporting the day-to-day functions of Geva as a company. The price of subscriptions and tickets goes directly towards expenses concerning the productions themselves.
  • I sent/called in my renewal a few days ago and I still haven’t seen the charge go through on my account. Is everything alright? Yes. These charges must be made manually and due to the high volume of renewals we receive, it can sometimes take a week or more after receipt before your subscription is charged. However, subscriptions are stamped with the date of when they are received. So, even if you haven’t seen the charge go through until after a given deadline, you should be safe as long as the subscription was sent in prior to that deadline.




Ticket Exchange Policies

Seated Subscription

As a seated subscriber, you have access to unlimited exchanges on your tickets, subject to a few rules:

  • You must contact us to exchange prior to noon on the day that you’re currently scheduled to see the show.
  • You can only exchange a ticket for a show to a different day of the same show, not to a different show altogether.
  • Exchange fees that single ticket buyers would have to pay are waived BUT if you move into a more expensive seating section or day then you will have to cover the difference.
  • Seating is subject to availability in the performance you’re looking to move into. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to move into every day of a performance.


You can make an exchange by submitting your request online here or calling the box office at (585)232-4382 and speaking to a representative. When the box office is closed, you can call that same number and access our Subscriber Exchange Line where you can leave all details regarding an exchange you’d like to make in a message for us to attend to when we open.

Flex Subscription

With the flex subscription, you start out with six vouchers (per package) each of which can be redeemed for a ticket for a show. Once you book a ticket with one of those vouchers, that ticket becomes locked into the show it was booked for. However, should that date no longer work for you, each ticket may be exchanged into another date of the same show once, for free as long as you exchange prior to noon the day you are scheduled to see the show. Every additional exchange past the initial free one incurs a $5 per ticket exchange fee.




Subscriber Benefits

All Subscribers

  • Subscribers may purchase tickets for A Christmas Carol as soon as they get their subscription in July. They do not have to wait until the One Day Sale and they get a discount on tickets that is equal to or better than the One Day Sale discounts the general public receives.
  • Subscribers do not have to pay order fees on additional tickets purchased for shows that they have subscription tickets for.
  • Subscribers get around a $5 discount on tickets purchased for Fielding series shows.
  • Subscribers may get additional discounts on special event or holiday shows throughout the year, subject to each individual show.


Seated Subscribers

  • Seated subscribers may exchange their tickets an unlimited number of times as long as they are compliant with the guidelines laid out in the Exchange section.
  • If a seated subscriber misses their show or their window to exchange their tickets for a show they can’t attend, that subscriber may use a benefit known as Missed Show Insurance. Missed Show Insurance allows such a subscriber to take their unused tickets to another performance of the same show, starting two hours prior to curtain, where they will be re-seated with courtesy seats subject to availability. We will not do Missed Show Insurance bookings in advance or over the phone, the attendees must show up in person some time within the two hours prior to curtain of the show they’d like to move into, but they may call in advance to check availability for any given show.
  • Seated Wilson subscribers receive three half-price digital coupons which they may use on the purchase of additional tickets for a Wilson stage performance. Any paper coupons that subscribers receive are purely symbolic and do not need to be turned into the box office as all coupons are tracked digitally in your subscriber record.


Flex Subscribers

  • Flex Subscribers receive one free exchange per ticket as long as it is exchanged into the same show it was originally booked into. Additional exchanges for each ticket will result in a $5 per ticket exchange fee.
  • Flex subscribers receive three half-price digital coupons which they may use on the purchase of additional tickets for a Wilson stage performance. Any paper coupons that subscribers receive are purely symbolic and do not need to be turned into the box office as all coupons are tracked digitally in your subscriber record.