Nov 01 - Nov 19

Mr. Parent

About the Show



By Melinda Lopez with Maurice Emmanuel Parent
Conceived with & directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian
A Production from Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

A struggling actor turns to teaching for a steady paycheck, thinking “how hard could it be?” It doesn’t take long to realize that the answer is somewhere between “very” and “impossible.” But then – as he careens from the Boston Public Schools by day to serious thespian at night – Mr. Parent starts to wonder where he really belongs. Mr. Parent is a deeply felt and hilarious solo performance about crushingly inequitable systems, the brilliance of every kid, and how we might all find the space to be ourselves.


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In-Depth Consideration

In production with Mr. Parent we have a series of Engagement events that you can take part of to make connections outside of the show.