Oct 17 - Nov 12

Frida… A Self Portrait

About the Show



Written & Performed by Vanessa Severo
Directed by Joanie Schultz

Frida Kahlo was her own mysterious and brilliant muse. The iconic Mexican painter captured the difficulties and wonders of her life with incredible vibrancy. Now, she comes to life onstage through playwright and performer Vanessa Severo. Frida… A Self Portrait transports you to La Casa Azul, Frida’s home, where Vanessa recounts the artist’s bold life. With music and movement, she shares insights about Frida’s physical limitations, complex love life, addictions and, of course, the beauty in her art. This searing new play cracks open a powerful portal between Vanessa and Frida bringing breathtaking physicality and raw honesty to this stunningly creative production.


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In production with Frida… A Self Portrait we have a series of Engagement events that you can take part of to make connections outside of the show.