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Starting October 27th, we begin the season with Recognition Radio: An Audio Play Festival Celebrating Black Voices – an eclectic, first-of-its-kind endeavor for Geva. These 4 plays will be specially adapted for an intimate and immersive listening experience. Just $17 each or $60 for all four, with purchased access, you will receive, via email, a link to a high quality stream that can be played on any device browser.  For further  information about these digital audio productions and to purchase, visit our Recognition Radio pages.


Feeding Beatrice

In order to afford the large suburban home they’ve dreamt
about, June and Lurie agree to live on a diet of bread and margarine for
the foreseeable future. Even the arrival of a mysterious houseguest
won’t dampen their excitement at being homeowners – that is until the
strange intruder’s innocent requests turn into
vicious demands. As the couple becomes increasingly haunted by
her presence, they are confronted with the unforeseen realities of
life in an all-White neighborhood and the true cost of the American


Written by Kirsten Greenidge      Directed by Daniel J. Bryant

Sound Designer: David Kelepha Samba     Dramaturg: Francisca Da Silveira


The Bleeding Class

In this pointedly witty – and oh so timely – socio-political
thriller, a Dominican-American escort from the Bronx and a Black doctor try to
save the world from the sudden outbreak of a deadly plague. With political
tensions running high and everyone desperate for an immediate cure, how many
rules will be broken, and who will get hurt in the process?


Written by Chisa Hutchinson    Directed by Jade King Carroll

Sound Designer: Justin Ellington   Dramaturg: Theresa M. Davis


we are continuous

Ora and her son Simon are close: she thinks about him and he
calls, he knows that she’s always got his back. They’ve even mostly managed to
weather Simon’s coming out. But will his HIV diagnosis be their undoing? By
turns intimate, funny, and hopeful, we are continuous explores how
people can change and how love can evolve.

Written by Harrison David Rivers   Directed by  Theresa M. Davis

Sound Designer: Christie Chiles Twillie   Dramaturg: Otis Ramsey-Zöe


The Resurrection of Michelle Morgan

In 2017, playwright Christina Anderson imagined herself
in a not-too-distant American future, working 10 gigs just to
(barely) get by. When a harrowing experience leaves her disillusioned with an
art form she once loved, she turns to her partner Alex and the
larger community for refuge. But a surprise commission for a new play
reminds her of what she’s lost, and what she must do to heal
age-old wounds and reclaim her voice.


Written by Christina Anderson   Directed by Robbie McCauley

Sound Designer: Larry Fowler   Dramaturg: Pascale Florestal