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March 4 - March 22

Cry It Out

Cooped up with a new baby and starved for conversation, Jessie invites her funny and forthright neighbor Lina, also a new mom, for coffee in the yard between their duplexes. Despite their vastly different finances, they become fast friends during naptimes—while someone watches from the mansion on the cliff overlooking Jessie’s yard. This comedy by a writer/producer of Shameless takes an honest look at the challenges of being a new mom, being at home with a baby, and the dilemma of returning to work.

By Molly Smith Metzler    Directed by M. Bevin O’Gara    A production of the Kitchen Theatre, Ithaca

Run Time 1 Hour 35 minutes, there is not an intermission

The Fielding Studio Series is supported in part by 

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