Penny Sterling

Penny Sterling has worn many hats in her life, and none of them have looked particularly good on her. Penny has been a photographer, children’s show producer, assignment editor, advertising producer/director, actor, stand-up comedian, and competition chili cook. But the reason she’s currently writing about herself in the third person is because she’s a storyteller, whose tales of growing up as a deeply-closeted transgender woman, and then learning to live her authentic life have made audiences laugh and cry in places as far west as Minneapolis, as far south as Richmond, VA, as far east as Washington, DC, and as far north as … well, that would be Minneapolis again. Penny obviously didn’t think this through. Geiger Beat is Penny’s first foray into writing about someone other than herself, which is good, because her writing is catching up with her age. Penny lives in a crooked little house in Swillburg with her two youngest children (when they’re not in college) and her cat, Betty, who has shown no interest in higher education.