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Our 2020-2021 season was artfully devised to provide you with engaging, inclusive and delightful theatre throughout the year – safely. 

This fall, we begin the season with Recognition Radio: An Audio Play Festival Celebrating Black Voices – an eclectic, first-of-its-kind endeavor for Geva. These plays will be specially adapted for an intimate and immersive listening experience. Subscribers should note that the complete 4-play festival package is equal to your first two season productions. 

From January through July of 2021, Geva plans to offer five live productions on the Wilson Stage – four of which complete the 20-21 subscription package, plus a fifth “bonus” play in April that will serve as a replacement for last season’s cancelled production of Looks Like Pretty.

Watch this space for updates throughout the year.


Recognition Radio
An Audio Play Festival Celebrating Black Voices

Esther Winter, Creative Producer
Andrew Mark Wilhelm, Sound Engineer

Four plays written and directed by Black artists that amplify a mosaic of Black stories. Specially crafted for an immersive listening experience. For dates and other details check out our Recognition Radio Portal.


Where Did We Sit On the Bus?

“A bus solidly black and white. No Blend.
A clear separation. No Gray. But specifically no Brown.
I can’t keep my hand down.
‘Yes, Brian’
Well where were we?
‘Excuse me?’
Like Latinos? Where did we sit on the bus?
The room goes quiet.”

With pulsing rhythms and original rhymes set to a live, looped soundtrack, Brian Quijada’s electric one man show is a hip-hop autobiography about falling in love with performance, the power of family, and growing up Latinx in a world that categorizes everyone in black and white. 

“An explosion of energy, raw emotion, and irresistible storytelling.”  – The Chicago Sun Times

By Brian Quijada
Directed by Chay Yew


The Real James Bond … Was Dominican

A story about the Real James Bond – Porfirio Rubirosa
“A medium dry Vodka Martini, with a slice of lemon peel … Shake it, do not stir it.”

A charming true story – but not one you’ve seen – about Porfirio Rubirosa, international playboy, man of mystery, and the inspiration behind Ian Fleming’s iconic James Bond character.

Eight-year-old Christopher Rivas, a Dominican boy from Queens, is obsessed with James Bond. When he finds out the inspiration behind his hero was also Dominican, his world is rocked to the core.

Written and performed by Christopher Rivas, The Real James Bond … is an enthralling and highly personal story of one young man’s guide to love, success, and re-claiming your identity.

Created by Christopher Rivas
Directed by Daniel Banks




Wine In the Wilderness

“For a time I thought I was about to move into another world, the so-called ‘integrated’ world …  but that’s a lie.”

With race riots outside his apartment in 1964 Harlem, artist and sophisticate Bill Jameson paints his view of Black womanhood. While searching for his final model, a woman he describes as “as close to the bottom as you can get,” he thinks he has found a match in Tommy. But Tommy soon tests his toxic assumptions. 

Rarely staged since its debut in 1969, Alice Childress’ masterwork examines the intersection of race, gender and class in Civil-Rights-Era America. 

By Alice Childress



Yoga Play

“Here at Jojomon, when we share our goals we improve ourselves.”

Corporate yoga giant Jojomon is at the pinnacle of its game when a scandal sends the company into freefall. Joan, the newly hired CEO, risks everything on a wild plan to recover the company’s earnings and reputation. 

Yoga Play is a provocative new comedy about confronting cultural appropriation and searching for authenticity in a world determined to sell enlightenment. 

By Dipika Guha
Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh



Ring of Fire

The Music of Johnny Cash

Take a crowd-pleasing ride through Johnny Cash’s gritty life story with this rowdy jukebox musical. A multi-talented cast pays homage to the legendary Man in Black with more than two-dozen Cash classics, including “I Walk the Line,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” “I’ve Been Everywhere,” and, of course, “Ring of Fire.”

Created by Richard Maltby, Jr.
Conceived by William Meade
Directed by Mark Cuddy